I’ll be back tomorrow and try to do the rest of my replies. All of them. I will try. I promise.

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Brother Moments: 1x14- Nightmare

As long as i am around…nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

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Sam moments: 1x09- Home

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They grew up great. They grew up heroes

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"If I promise I do take it easy…," He started, taking his bag from his brother’s hand and after he took out his bag, too, Sam closed the trunk. "… and if I promise I will tell you if something’s wrong, will you stop being worried about me?"

That wasn’t a promise Dean was sure he could keep. He was his, technically, little brother. It was his job to worry about the idiot. Dean sighs. “I’ll try, alright?”

Sam knew that if it was the other way around, he wouldn’t be able to not to worry either, so he didn’t blame Dean. “Alright.” He gave his brother a small smile as he made his way to the motel.

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Amnesiac (closed) + iamnotsammy


Jedi glanced over her shoulder when Sam spoke up. She knew that she must’ve seemed like she was utterly insane to the guy. In a way she was though, which sane person would stick by a promise if she knew that she was being hunted?

She gave a small shrug, still hugging herself against she could. “Because people promised me a lot of things in the past but none of them went through.” She explained. “Besides, two people are better at solving stuff than one.” She said.

    In some kind of way Sam was happy that the girl was with him. He knew that the girl was already dragged into this thing, he shouldn’t have accepted her help in the first place but he couldn’t do anything about it now.

    Sam nodded slightly as he looked at her again. “I don’t know, I just… I really don’t want you to be in danger but on the other hand I’d be too scared to just leave you here alone.” Sam said as he let out a soft sigh.

           ”Are you cold? You can borrow my jacket if you want to.”

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Dean+Sam \ Fix You


"Yeah I’d prefer that too Sammy, but we gotta help people, I don’t think we could live without doing that do you?" Dean asked him, he’d love to settle down with Sam somewhere, get a house, run a mechanic shop but it just wasn’t them. 

Dean took off his shirt and threw it to the floor, running his hands over Sam’s chest, and his nipples tweaking them a bit. He was so glad he didn’t have to sneak looks at Sam anymore that he was free to look at him, and look at him he would. 

"You’re so gorgeous Sammy" Dean tells him kissing along his neck lightly, his hands moving to Sam’s pants, playing with the button looking into his brother’s hazel eyes, asking permission silently. 

   ”I know.” He said with a slight nod, “And I don’t think we could live otherwise either, but at the same time I know that we’re not in safe. I mean, who knows what does tomorrow bring?” Sam shrugged as he licked his lips.

    A small smile appeared on his lips, his hand moved to his shoulder as he caressed him slightly before leaning closer to press his lips against Dean’s.

    He leaned his forehead against his brother’s to look into his eyes. “You, too.” Sam whispered, his lips brushing his. He pulled Dean closer, letting him unbutton his pants as he put an arm around his neck.

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[[  i mean it’s freaking not okay that a bottle fell from the shelf itself and then the tap opened itself and right after I heard a creepy voice coming from the walls

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             ”Everything’s awesome for you.”

        Sam smiled, though he couldn’t say it bothered him. At least these little thing could make his brother smile, could make Dean happy and excited, even if for just a little while. He let out a soft sigh before he glanced over at him, putting aside the book and stood up.

                                                “Alright          show me the way.”


                                “——Damn straight,”

    Dean tossed a smile to his brother over his shoulder and motioned for him to follow. He made his way down a flight of stairs, filing down into the archives they were both familiar with at this point.

    Eyeing the rows of shelves he came to a half about mid way through the room, and with a little effort, he parted two of the shelves, exposing a large cement room with a few sets of chains hanging from the walls. A large devil’s trap was etched into the floor, the grooves filled with paint; by the looks of things, there had been plenty of demons present within the bunker for a room like this to be necessary. 

    He shook his head lightly before he followed him downstairs, though Sam couldn’t deny that he was curious. The bunker was pretty big - probably this dungeon wasn’t the only thing they haven’t discovered yet.

    The first thing he saw was that huge devil’s trap on the floor. But as soon as he looked around, he noticed that chains on the walls. Without saying a word, he stepped in and made his way to take a better look at them.

                  ”              Have you seen what’s engraved into these chains?”

     Sam asked as soon as he saw those mini devil’s trap what were engraved into the iron.

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Separated // Closed



"Wow." That was his only reaction - and it wasn’t because he thought Dean was crazy, more likely the opposite. Sam liked that he was brave enough to do that, because he would never have enough courage to do these kind of stuff. "Let’s go." He said after a nod, with a small smile on his face.


Dean smirked and let his full ego shine through his smile at the kid’s reaction. “I know right.” He started making his way to the doors and pushed them open, not bothering to check for a hall monitor or anything. “So where you from?” he asked as they walked.


Though Sam was sure they won’t get caught, he still hurried after him when Dean made his way to the doors to not to fall behind. ” I…, uh       ” For him, it was always a hard question to answer. Sam knew that he was born in Kansas but since he was adopted he never spent more than a few days there. So he just decided to skip that part. “I    I live here. Nearby. A couple minutes away.” He gabbled before glancing at him.

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"Since when do you care if you break something?" Sam asked, raised his brows. Well it was a bit strange, but he didn’t suspect anything yet. "Are you high or what?" He asked with a half, confused smile on his face.


Shit, was he catching on? The demon cleared his throat slightly before setting the pieces down of the vase. “Well, it was just 4/20 the other day.”  He joked before taking a seat across from Sam. “We’ll just leave it there, no big. Okay, what were we doing?” 


Well, now, it started to be pretty weird. Sam knew his brother better than anyone, and it wasn’t like him. “Are you… sure you’re alright?” He asked, now he was pretty worried. “I mean, you know.” Sam was well aware his brother didn’t like the chick flick moments, but it was way too confusing. “If you’re not…, you can just simply tell me.”

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I’ll try to do my replies

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[vroom vroom motherfucker]

47 years old and still as awesome as ever..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!! (April 24th 1967)

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